Rules & Regulations

Dear Greencastle Golf Club Members and Guests: 

Welcome to Greencastle Golf Club (herein referred to as the Golf Club), where we strive to provide all of our Guests with a joy-filled experience of excellence. The Golf Club offers a variety of amenities, including an 18-hole Golf Course, one large Practice Putting Green, a Driving Range, rental clubs, motorized golf car rental, bag storage, The Fireside Pub, and a Golf Shop offering an array of golf equipment and accessories. In addition, we offer personalized club fittings using the most advanced technology and knowledgeable staff.  

In order to maintain the highest standards of golf and to assure all members and guests have an excellent and fun-filled experience at the Golf Club, please follow the rules and policies listed, while using any of the amenities at our Facility. On behalf of ourselves and all of the Staff, we thank you for choosing our facility and hope you enjoy your visit at the Golf Club. 


Ron and Beth Powers


Code of Conduct

1. Use of the Golf Club and its facilities is a privilege extended to all members and guests. It is the responsibility of every member/guest to abide by all the rules, policies, signs, and verbal instructions that govern play and use of the facilities. Failure to comply with the rules and policies, or follow instructions of the Staff, can lead to an interference with the enjoyment of others or damage to the facilities. It is also the responsibility of each member/guest to report those who fail to adhere to the rules and policies. 

Those who do not comply with the rules, policies and proper etiquette will be subject to disciplinary action as follows: 

a. First offense: Minimum of verbal warning. (Note: If infraction includes failure to pay green and/or cart fees, appropriate payment will be made immediately.) 

b. Second offense within 1 year: Minimum of written reprimand and possible suspension of golfing privileges.

 c. Third offense within 1 year: Minimum of 30-day suspension and up to permanent expulsion from Golf Club. 

2. All players (Members or daily-fee guests) must sign-in at the Golf Shop prior to their round.

3. The privileges of any individual to utilize the Golf Club may be suspended, terminated, or denied if it is determined to be in the best interest of the Facility. Any individual or party whose conduct disrupts the operation of the Facility or creates a disturbance to the detriment of the operation, Staff, or enjoyment of other members/guests of the Facility, will be asked to leave the Facility immediately and, as determined by the Owner or Manager, may be subject to additional administrative or legal action. 

Golf Cart Operation

1. A valid driver’s license is required to rent or operate a golf cart. This rule also applies to privately owned golf carts being utilized at the Golf Club. 

2. When a member/guest with an accompanied non-playing passenger/spectator results in the use of an additional golf cart, the passenger/spectator is required to pay the appropriate cart fee. 

3. Unless golf carts are restricted to cart paths, the 90-degree rule is always in effect. Golfers are required to keep golf carts on the cart path until they are even with a golf ball in the fairway. Only then should the golf cart leave the path, turning sharply (90 degrees) to drive straight across to the golf ball.

4. When golf carts are restricted to paths due to inclement weather, such restrictions apply to all players.  

5. All players in a group are required to share a golf cart, whether playing 9 or 18 holes.  A shared golf cart is defined as 2 persons occupying a single cart. Any player preferring not to share a cart will be required to pay an additional cart  rental fee. All golf cart rental fees are based on a shared golf cart. The shared golf cart policy applies to gatherings and tournaments as well. 

6. Golf carts must be parked at least 30 yards from the greens. 

Golf Bags

All players must have their own golf bag and clubs. If needed, clubs may be rented in the Golf Shop. Golf bags must not be laid or stood on the greens. 

Food and Beverages

Only alcoholic beverages purchased at the golf club are permitted on the premises.  Privately-owned coolers are permitted only if brought empty and filled in the clubhouse. 


 1. Etiquette is the observance of the code for correct behaviors with respect to the Staff, other players, equipment, and the Golf Course. The use of the golf facilities is a privilege for everyone to enjoy. All members/guests have an equal responsibility to be courteous and obey the rules and policies. Violations may result in suspension of privileges.

2. Safety is a primary concern. Be certain that players ahead of you on the Course are out of range prior to striking your ball whether hitting to the fairway or the green. Also, move directly to the next tee when the last person in your group has finished a hole for safety purposes and to avoid delay of play. Scores should be recorded at the next tee. 

3. There are four sets of tee markers: red, gold, white and blue. Choose the tees that allow you to play your best game.  Players will tee off between and behind their respective tee markers. 

4. To expedite pace of play, you may allow faster golfers to play through. Do not hit again until those players are out of range. 

5. The target speed of play is 3 hours and 30 minutes. No more than 5 minutes should be spent looking for a lost ball. Players who do not maintain their speed of play may be asked to pick up their ball and move to a drop area, or the next tee. If a player or group have to be warned more than once, they may be asked to leave the Course if it is deemed to be affecting the enjoyment of other paying members’/guests’ experience.

 6. No one shall move directly behind, talk to, or stand close to a player or in harm’s way when the player is addressing the ball or swinging the club. 

7. Playing more than one ball at any time is not permitted. 

8. Play ready golf. Hit when safe. 

9. On par 3s, golf carts should not have to leave the cart path. 

10. Caution should be used while walking on all surfaces.

11. Play is designed for foursomes.  Please plan to play with others or expect some delays in your play.  Fivesomes are not permitted at the Golf Club.

Dress Code

1. Proper golf attire is required – a collared shirt and skirts, shorts or pants.

2. Shirts, pants/skirts/shorts, and shoes must be worn at all times. 

3. Articles of clothing that are not permitted include: a. undergarment type t-shirts b. tank tops c. tube tops d. cut off shorts e. shoes deemed harmful to the Course. 

4. Metal spikes are prohibited.

Care of the Golf Course

Proper care of the Golf Course is the personal responsibility of each member and guest. All players are reminded to carefully observe the following: 

1. Press down all divots and fill in with sand provided. 

2. Carefully repair all ball marks on the greens. 

3. Do not walk through the bunkers unless making a shot. 

4. Rake and smooth the bunkers before leaving. 

5. Avoid carelessly dropping flagsticks. 

6. Practice on the Golf Course by playing multiple balls is prohibited. 

7. Help keep the Course clean. Trash cans are available at most tees. Avoid littering. 

8. Obey all instructions given by Staff, and signs. These signs are used to keep carts away from damaged areas and to keep other areas from being damaged. 

9. Yardage markers: 

a. Course measurements are in accordance with the U.S. Golf Association standards. 

b. All yardage markers on the Course are measured from the center of the green to the yardage marker. 

10. The Golf Course is off limits to everyone except Golfers.  Joggers, bicyclists, walkers, fishermen, bird watchers, baby strollers are prohibited.

Practice Range

 1. Range balls will be hit from the marked surfaces only. 

2. Range balls and bags may not be removed from the Driving Range. 

3. Range balls may not be used for play on the Golf Course. 

4. Hitting personal balls at the Practice Range is not allowed

Online Reservations

If you are trying to book the simulator please click the button on the top right that says ‘Course’. Toggle to Simulator. You’ll notice each hour says Single Only. If you’d like to book for more than one person, you must book more than one hour. You’ll need one hour for each additional person! If you have any questions or need help, please call the golf shop & they will take care of you!