Camps & Clinics

One of our main goals at the Greencastle Golf Club is to encourage youth participation in the sport of golf and to instruct youth so that they appreciate the challenge of the game, as well as feel the sense of accomplishment of a well played round. We use a program called Operation 36 because we know that learning to play golf can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. Operation 36 provides beginners with the most effective developmental porgrams and technology to learn to play golf. Become a skilled golfer by following a motivating roadmap to shooting Par or better for 9 holes!



Online Reservations

If you are trying to book the simulator please click the button on the top right that says ‘Course’. Toggle to Simulator. You’ll notice each hour says Single Only. If you’d like to book for more than one person, you must book more than one hour. You’ll need one hour for each additional person! If you have any questions or need help, please call the golf shop & they will take care of you!